Is My Calm Blanket machine washable?
Yes, both the inner layer and duvet are machine washable. For more information click here.


Is My Calm Blanket good for 2 people?
The blanket is ideal for one person. Two people can squeeze in but it was not designed for two. We recommend ordering two blankets if you want to experience My Calm Blanket as a couple.


Which blanket should I go for?
The weight of the blanket should be 7% to 12% of your body weight. 


Where do you ship from?
We ship directly from our warehouses in California or Texas.


Are the blankets hot?
When using the cover, the blankets give a medium amount of warmth. In the warmer months, simply remove the cover and the cotton inner blanket is breathable and cool. Remember, these blanket are designed for weight so they are able to be used year round.


What is the return policy?
Click here.


How do I get in touch? 
Please visit our contact us page to get in touch.