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For us, crafting the perfect weighted blanket meant never resting until we got it just right (ironic, isn‚Äôt it?). Calm Blanket is thoughtfully constructed using precision computer sewing for a premium, luxury design. Calm Blanket is made of silky-soft, cooling, breathable and moisture wicking bamboo viscose filled with a superior glass bead which keeps the blankets thin, quiet, safe and machine washable. Plus, environmentally friendly. 


Dimensions12LB, 18LB, 25LB (48"x72") / KID 5LB (36"x48")
Inner materialBamboo Viscose
Weight materialGlass bead (environmentally friendly)

What makes us different?

No more sweaty nights
Bamboo Viscose is silky-soft, cooling, breathable and moisture wicking to help keep you cool & dry all year round.

Sleep like a baby
Contours your body for maximum comfort. Precision stitched squares apply gentle pressure over your entire body.

Wake up refreshed
Helps calm and comfort people who have trouble sleeping, including those with conditions such as stress and anxiety.

Premium materials & quality
Ultra-smooth design with 7 layers of premium materials, ensures that the glass beads will never leak.

Rest assured

These natural chemicals in our body regulate our mood and overall sense of calm, helping us to settle down from stressful or anxious situations, relax faster and sleep deeper.

Calming the world

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